BOOKISH air freshener (many options!)

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The perfect gift for any book lover! Choose your favorite and its unique scent! These are designed to look like Pantone chips in the color of your favorite book character.

- Air freshener is double-sided

• Rhys's eyes (Notes of rain, sea salt, citrus, and starlight—just like the most powerful high lord.)
• Cass's siphons (Notes of snow-chilled wind and crackling embers—just like our witty Lord of Bloodshed.)
• Az's shadows (Notes of night-chilled mist, cedar, and shadows—just like our shadow-daddy and spymaster.)
• Aelin's eyes (Notes of salt and lemon verbena)
• Casteel's eyes (Notes of cinnamon, dark spices, and pine—just like honey-eyed King of Atlantia.)
• Xaden's shadows (Notes of mint, leather, and shadows—just like our shadow daddy wingleader)

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